S T R E S S. We all have it.

Some stress is good but most of what we deal with these days in our American culture is not good stress {physical and emotional}. As a consequence, this stress suppresses our immune systems, shunts blood away from our digestive system {gut} and causes mood disorders, just to name a few. This in turn causes problems like an imbalance in gut bacteria and inflammation. In fact, current research shows that stressful life events are associated with the onset or worsening of conditions like IBD, IBS and GERD.

To add fuel to the fire, 70% of our immune system is in our gut. So it’s important to learn how to manage all that stress, because there is no magic pill or supplement that can replace mindfulness, slowing down or just saying no now and then.

Some great ways to reduce stress are acupuncture, meditation, positive thinking, a gratitude journal, social connections, aerobic activity, yoga and deep breathing. Take inventory of your stress and find a way that you enjoy to manage it better. Not only will you feel better {I personally believe yoga fixes just about everything} but your gut will thank you.

WellnessBryn Hamilton